How NOT To Start A Damn Brewery

Business Lessons From The Front Lines of the Craft Beer Industry

We’re here to share our stories of struggle and sacrifice from the front lines of the craft beer industry.

Learn what to avoid, how to pivot and what you’ll face that wants to kill your business.

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Joe Ploof- Hanging Hills

Summary Today’s craft beer badass is Joe at Hanging Hills brewing in Connecticut. He’s a guy that’s been run through the ringer. He’s lost a best friend to craft beer. He lost money. He was marked for pain and suffering by an internet douchebag. He’s fought and bled to build his business, only to watch…

Should Beer Be Regulated By Place?

Well, they do it for wine.  If you produce a wine in Colorado and put California on the label, that’s not just morally bankrupt, it’s distinctly illegal. And if you distill agave in TX and call it tequila, you’ll likely have some badass banditos with guns on the hunt for your sorry ass. But it’s…

what is sour beer?

Back in 2017 I stopped producing anything with laboratory yeast. No IPA, no stout, no pilsner, really no style of beer you’d recognize from your grocery store shelves. Before that I would call the lab in California and have them next-day air me yeast the day before brewday so it was healthy, predictable, viable and…

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Kelly KfM Meyer

10 years in beer has taught me a lot about business. I did it wrong and struggled for years to force profitability on a business in an industry that doesn’t value profit. So I wrote a book about my mistakes and now my guests and I are sharing our experience in this podcast

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