Part 1 of 2: Theresa and Brett of Fetching Lab Brewery


There was so much to share with this interview I had to break it into 2 shows. Part 2 will come out later this season. 

My guests today are Brett Bray and Theresa Hutchinson of the late Fetching Lab Brewery down in way South Houston.

Brett was a full-time financial advisor and a part-time homebrewer so he has qualified to own a brewery as most of us in the beginning.

Based on Brett’s research, he felt opening a brewery when there were less than 50 TX breweries was “so darn viable that you’d be a total idiot not to do it.”

In 2011, he announced on Twitter with the only tweet he’s even sent that he was going to open a brewery. At this point, he’d already been thinking about it for 2 years.

So he homebrewed hard for a year and a half every weekend on an all-grain system he cobbled together himself, with a little design help from Theresa.

After 6 long years of due diligence, practice and planning, Theresa and Brett finally ripped open their doors in 2015.

After ditching names like BadAss Brewing, at the last minute they decided to have the entire brewery inspired by their 11 week-old yellow lab. Which Theresa can do a much better job describing than I can….

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