Day Off: Hot Tub Beers


Today I’m doing something a wee bit different. I’m basically co-hosting a mashup of my podcast and the Hot Tub Beers podcast. Hosts Tim and Jake brought a pickup-mounted hottub to my brewery parking lot and mic’d up. So I threw on some Speedos, jumped in and kinda took a day off from my hosting duties. We’re joined by my old brewer Nathan and some unsuspecting tourists that are walking by. My wife even takes a break from taking embarrassing pictures of me to jump in for a few minutes. No not in the hottub, in the conversation. We get a chance to discuss some of my mistakes, taste some of my beer and discuss their evolution. The last segment is a sneak peek of their show, which I hung around and recorded for a few more hours after this. Hot Tub Beers isn’t just a hang out and drink show and it isn’t just a shit-on-all-the-beers I hate show. Somehow it’s more and I hope you enjoy it. Episode Sponsored by: Brewery Direct Simpson Motorcycle Helmets Yakima Valley Hops — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:


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